Xtreme-Code™ Pipe Markers for Extreme Winter

Xtreme-Code Pipe Markers

Thanks to the unusual occurrence of the polar vortex, temperatures are dropping even lower than usual this winter, and with it comes a number of unanticipated dangers. These dangers are not just to life and limb but to infrastructures as well. Freezing and sub-zero temperatures can easily freeze piping and cause ruptures, leading to chemical leaks and other accidents.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to plan and prepare for these eventualities, by selecting the right equipment to secure your pipes against the ravages of intense cold and freezing temperatures.

Selecting the right pipe markers is just a small facet of comprehensive cold-weather crisis prevention. And to deal with such extreme temperatures, consider selecting Xtreme-Code™ Pipe Markers for the job!

Xtreme-Code Pipe Markers are designed to withstand adverse conditions and maintain both readability and adherence. They resist damage, abrasion and chemical dissolution, an ideal quality to have for materials in chemical plants or industrial manufacturing locations. Vital pipes transporting large volumes of chemicals or critical pipes facing extreme temperatures (-40°F to 230°F) must be labelled with Xtreme-Code Pipe Markers to identify the pipe contents and directional flow.

Made from surface-printed self-adhesive polyester, Xtreme pipe markers are protected by a clear polyester overlaminate. They will stick to stainless steel, fiberglass, and other surfaces where pipe markers go, whether indoors or outdoors. They have a lifetime of up to eight years, minimizing replacement costs. Color schemes and lettering are fully compliant with ASME (ANSI) A13.1 standards.

Your business is critical, and you must protect it and its infrastructure against the challenges of extreme temperature and climate change. Xtreme-Code Pipe Markers are up to that challenge!


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