Young Workers on Your Summer Payroll?: What You Need to Know


Do you employ young workers for the summer? If so, you need to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep these typically inexperienced workers safe.

The CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) reminds employers that they may be a young worker’s first boss, and it’s important that they teach these young workers about job hazards and how to stay safe.

To better understand young workers, CCOHS offers these facts:

  • Young people tend to take risks and are unrealistic about their own mortality.
  • Take care to caution your employee about potential hazards and negative outcomes.
  • Young people may be reluctant to ask questions for fear of appearing unknowledgeable. Make sure they understand that their first job priority is to ask questions when they are unsure.
  • Due to lack of understanding, a young worker may decide to make changes to the job in unexpected and possibly risk ways. Be sure they are closely supervised and stick to recognized and safe work procedures.

Training is very important when any new employee joins your workforce. It’s equally vital when that new employee is also a young worker.

Follow these CCOHS suggestions on providing proper training to young workers:

  • Show them how to perform the tasks safely, repeating parts of the procedures if necessary.
  • Watch the worker perform the tasks the first time, making sure to correct any mistakes.
  • Allow the worker to repeat the tasks until they are comfortable with the routine, and don’t have any more questions.
  • Continue to monitor workers to make sure they are doing their tasks properly.

What are you doing to help keep your young workers safe on the job?

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